10 December 2008

It's Snowing in Texas

Texas is a rather large state. Perhaps I should specify. It is currently snowing in Houston, Texas (and surrounding area). This is rather significant because, although I am the Colorado Red Head, I currently reside in the Sub Tropical city of Houston. Therefore I am currently experiencing this climatic anomaly first hand. I feel somewhat conflicted about this altered weather pattern. On one hand I really love snow and miss Colorado winters. And listening to Christmas music on the radio seems so much more appropriate when there’s some snow on the ground. On the other hand, I endured the scorching hot and miserably humid summer by telling myself that at least the winter weather would temperate. I feel like I’ve been cheated. If I had purchased something I would ask for a refund.

Despite my lack of refund I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the snow. This evening my friend Paily and I ventured out in the inclement weather to visit the library. On the way in we saw a couple who were quite fascinated by the snow. The young man grabbed and handful of snow, made it into a snowball, and threw it at his girlfriend. She gave him an appalled and confused look. I think it was the first time she had ever been attacked by a precipitation projectile. She clearly did not understand the appropriate response. I could not stand idly by and let his assault go uncontested. People in Houston do not know how to have a proper snowball fight. It’s a good thing we were there to help them out. I made a snowball, threw it at him, and quickly darted in the other direction. He did not rise to the challenge at all. So Paily decided it was her turn to demonstrate appropriate retaliation and threw a snowball at me. After that they sort of got the idea. We then walked into the library giggling, brushed the snow off our coats, and checked out a book.

Earlier in the day I had a less entertaining encounter with the snow. After school I finished some paperwork that needed to be given to the swim coach. I decided I might as well present it in person and set out to interrupt swim practice. The route from my classroom to the swimming pool includes five steps outside. I looked out my windows and saw that it was raining, but decided that since my five outside steps would be on a covered sidewalk the paperwork would not get wet. I went to make my delivery. I got to the pool right around the time the slushy rain became real snow. I discovered that swim practice had been canceled and the pool was locked. I also discovered that I could see my breath. When I turned around to go back inside I further discovered another locked door. I recalled, with a sinking feeling, our staff meeting where the school’s safety and security program was laid out. Every door in the whole building is locked as soon as the dismissal bell rings at the end of the day. I was stuck outside in the snow, very inadequately dressed for cold weather.

I looked in the window and saw a very deserted hallway. I decided my chances of getting back in that door were pretty much nonexistent, so I went to another door and peered in the window only to find another deserted hallway. I spent quite some time walking around the school trying to find a way back in. Somewhere around the time I was pondering on the irony of a Coloradan getting hypothermia in Texas I spotted a door that, against all school policies, was propped open. I have never in my life been so excited to see a rule be completely disregarded.

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Heather said...

I wish it would snow here. Ella keeps asking if we are going to have snow for christmas. Not likely.