23 February 2010

My Teacher Said...

Last week was course selection week. Instead of teaching our kids history we took them down to the auditorium where the counselors gave them all the paperwork they need to pick their classes for next year. One of the counselors started explaining to the kids the difference between an AP class and a duel credit class and how each would figure into class rank and GPA. She was rudely interrupted by one of my students who shouted quite loudly, "My teacher says that in three years no one will care."

09 February 2010

Death by AP US History

Today was test day for the AP kids. As I was handing out the multiple choice section of the exam, Mike asked me, "Miss, is death by AP History considered suicide or homicide?"

After some discussion, including the possibility of genocide, the kids decided that AP History is self inflicted and settled on labeling it mass suicide.