17 March 2012


I am very liberal in my usage of bathroom tissue. Actually, I don’t know that for sure. My consumption of toilet paper could be unremarkably average. Since bathroom habits are neither a frequent nor polite topic of social conversation I don’t really know how I compare to the rest of the population. What I do know is that toilet paper is not something that I make an effort to conserve. I use as much as I want whenever I need. My financial situation has never been so dire, and my concern for the environment never so great that I have felt the need to count and curb the number of squares I use. The Texan however, maintains the toilet tissue habits that he learned while living in Africa. When we got married he was rather surprised to see the regularity with which toilet paper made its way onto the shopping list. Now that the little red head has discovered toilet paper, I find that I am purchasing it at a frequency that seems excessive even to me.

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Dave said...

Takes after his mother