02 August 2011


The little redhead has had a busy six months. Among other things, he has discovered his hands, learned how to spit, rolled over (both directions), been vaccinated against polio, eaten a banana and some squash, and outgrown all of his clothes twice. He is currently learning to sit up on his own, and there is a distinct possibility that he is working on his first tooth.

This week he encountered a major milestone in the life of every redhead: he is experiencing his first sunburn. I would like it noted that all appropriate parental precautions were observed. But sometimes no amount of sunscreen and shade can compensate for fair skinned genetics when at a water park. Our little boy has accepted his lot and is taking it like a champ. In fact I’m not sure he even knows that his face and arms aren’t supposed to sting. He hasn’t fussed or whined about it. All he does is blink a couple of times when we try to wipe the peeling skin off from under his eyes.


Paily said...

Oh, friend. How I miss you! You are great!

Laree said...

Ohh! that's so sad!

I feel your pain. I have the complection of a red head - without the totally awesome hair.

The best was when I got a burn . . . on a bus . . . at 6:30 in the morning. Yup. That was talent.

Sorry for your little guy!