22 January 2010


I do not have pets. I am not sad about this. I am not anti-animal, but I am decidedly anti-indoor-pet for two reasons:

1. The amount of red hair around the house is more than sufficient. I see no need to add animal hair to the mix.

2. Animals have a distinctive smell that does not belong in my house. If I want to smell animals, I will go to the zoo.

The Texan is much less anti-pet, therefore we have a fish tank. I do not clean the fish tank, I do not feed the fish, and if I ever start to smell fish in the house the tank will disappear. Under these conditions, I actually kind of like the fish tank. In the early days of the fish tank the Texan named a fish, but it died less than an hour later. Now we keep nameless fish. Currently we have ten. One of these fish is a jerk. I refer to him as the mean fish. He is territorial and aggressive and has managed to restrict the other nine fish to a small corner of the tank. The mean fish has intimidated one particular fish to the point that it was unable to come out of its hiding place and eat for several days in a row.

One day as the Texan was feeding his fish, the frightened fish finally emerged and tried to eat, but the mean fish quickly chased it back under a rock. The Texan was tired of this selfishness, and decided it was time for action. He took the mean fish out of the tank and put him in a bucket on the floor for a few minutes. I came home a few hours later to find all ten fish happily swimming throughout the entire tank. When I asked the Texan about this fishy behavior he proudly explained that he had taught the mean fish to be nice by putting him in time out.


Laree said...

I love it! Glad to hear he's getting some early parenting practice in!

Paily said...

Oh, the dear Paily fish.... Number 1 and 2. How I miss you. So... does that mean if you name the mean fish he'll be gone soon, so you don't have to worry about him? There's an idea ;)

Heather said...

Nice tactic. Just remember that what works for one fish won't necessarily work for every fish. :)