20 April 2009

More Animal Noises

Friday morning in academy meeting the AP mentioned that kids are like cattle: when the weather gets bad they go crazy. Having never worked with cattle I cannot comment on the validity of this statement, but I can say that as a rather impressive storm rolled in Friday afternoon my kids went above and beyond their normal level of insanity.

My kids are usually anxious to prove any administrator wrong, so in one particularly boisterous class I mentioned the cattle comparison. Surely they would be insulted by being likened unto livestock, and anxiously prove their superior intelligence by settling down. Instead they embraced the analogy and started mooing.


Happy Mom said...

I noticed your blog on Paily's and clicked over and discovered that I'm aquainted with you, if only briefly. I started reading and soon was chuckling hard enough that my 10 year old daughter wanted to hear. I started reading and as she finished her breakfast, made her lunch and fixed her hair, I read your posts aloud. I've now read very last word on your blog (yes, I am avoiding cleaning the blinds and mowing the lawn--the two big to-do things on todays list). I enjoyed them all immensely! Banana Girl (my daughter) thinks it "is awesome that you call your principal Professor Umbridge!" And, she now wants a purple crayola toothbrush!

Thanks for the many smiles this morning! I'm going to go mow (whimper!)

Would you mind very much if I followed your blog?

Colorado Red Head said...

Of course you can follow my blog. I always wonder if people who don't know me very well think the stories are entertaining, or if it's just my mom who likes to hear them.